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GGI - Good Governance Initiative EN

30 novembre 2022

Di Valentina Del Prete - Responsabile Offerta Rios

November 2022 - the month that has seen open source take center stage at various European events is coming to a close.
November has seen, in fact featured:

- Our Open Source Week 
- The Rome and Milan editions of the annual event organized by RedHat 
- The 21st edition of SFSCON in Bolzano, Italy
- Open Source Experience in Paris

Each of these events featured the Good Governance Initiative - GGI initiatives, which precisely at the opening of the Paris event launched release 1.1, one year after its inception.

But what is exactly GGI?

GGI is an integral part of the OSPO Alliance an association launched in 2021 by European nonprofit organizations OW2, Eclipse Foundation, OpenForum Europe and Foundation for Public Code)
GGI is a methodological framework to help measure and improve one's awareness of compliance, governance and more about the vast world of open source by providing a handbook: a concise guide that guides one through the analysis.

GGI Handbook identifies 5 goals, from the most concrete to the most strategic, which are in turn declined into 25 activities (e.g., software composition analysis and development best practices; training; HR and key figure training; and many other aspects) that generate a scorecard describing status and goals of each identified activity.

The main new features of the new release, are action-oriented:

- Availability of having the handbook translated into multiple languages - thanks to a collaborative translation process based on the open source weblate project.

In addition to English, the German and French versions are complete, while Portuguese, Spanish and Italian are in progress.

- Automatic deployment - thanks to a gitlab board you can deploy your GGI dashboard in 10 minutes and immediately start tracking your progress against your chosen goals.

- Success stories - developing adoption of the method by engaging users and organizations of all sizes and getting continuous feedback is part of the initiative's goals.

A first great testimony comes from the City of Paris and was presented right during Open Source Experience by Philippe Bareille, Open Source Officer.

Road-map activities include instead:

Handbook enrichment; integration of metrics that more effectively track progress; deployment to multiple platforms; and a series of events including an OnRamp webinar series.

GGI and RIOS: The synergies between RIOS and OW2 began a few years ago, and the GGI program could only solidify this partnership.
For RIOS, helping organizations understand and fully exploit the potential of open source is the first mission and we find this tool very effective in its concreteness and immediacy.

We are working on the creation of a GGI as a service to ensure analysis capabilities even for SMEs that cannot immediately set up an in-house office.
We will meet again soon to talk about this issue. In the meantime, you can see the speech on GGI given at Open Source week:

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