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Answers to your needs

Quality, reliability and cost reduction; here there is what characterizes our solutions

Workflow and CMS

CMS and innovative development platforms secure, scalable, suitable for creating applications for every need. Archive and indexing of any type of file, user profile specific workflow capable to interface with virtually any databases on the market with excellent document management skills.

Virtual Machine Solutions

The use of different virtual servers, in every single physical machine, allows to take advantage of the hardware to the best of its potential and have individual independent servers that can be copied or moved quickly in the event of failures and malfunctions.

WCM applications

Open Source technological platform for the management of portals, collaboration and communication, aimed to build business solutions that offer immediate results and long-term value. In ordere to facilitate communication, save time, build group cohesion and increase productivity, forms of social collaboration are available for the enterprise.

Mobile development

Appcelerator Titanium is an open and extendable development platform to create new and beautiful app for different mobile devices and operating systems. This can help the organizations to access the market 60% and to achieve a significant competitive advantage.

Safety system

Complete solution to respond to onerous legal obligations expectes by Legislative Decree no. 81/08. It provides "multi-company / multi-plant" management to coordinate the activities of several companies / production sites belonging to the same group . The system is a valid support to companies certified or in the process of obtaining certification.

Geospatial Solutions

OpenGeo Suite combines in one software package platform, technologies and standards, enabling enterprise-class reliable, web, mobile, and desktop geospatial applications. Scalable and distributed architecture, up to an integrated complex WebGIS applications development environment.

ERP management

Administrative processes, management and management control information government, accessible through the web using the most common browsers and mobile devices. Management of complex information exchanges with customers, suppliers and external partners to gradually achieve a unified and secure environment in accordance with the needs of the enterprise.


Multi browser web interface multidatabase and multilingual, integrated with management tools and Office Desktop. Automated management of the relationships with prospects and customers, their commercial actions, agendas of activities. Capable to send single or multiple email to support marketing, sales force and after-sales support.


Open source technology tool, it offers a complete Enterprise 2.0 solution in collaborative Intranet / Extranet, in the corporate portal, in the E - commerce, such as the management of online storefronts, the virtual warehouse, the shopping basket and online payments.


Solid and secure management instrument for a collaborative, resource optimization, processes and business information. Developed on open source technology, offers a complete solution in Enterprise 2.0 Intranet / Extranet collaborative, the corporate portal, e-commerce and social marketing.


Entirely designed in Italy, and developed through international comparison in European projects, ADA is now a modern platform integrated with the company information system and open to the mobile client. Today the company is more and more "the learning organization": the knowledge capital is the most valuable company available asset.

Open Data

Smart cities have realized that publish their information in open, non-proprietary, friendly workable formats, is not only a way to have transparent administration, and also a way to create B2B and B2C work and services from that data. CKAN is the most popular platform for enter, store and search of OpenData.

Virtual Machine Solutions

L'utilizzo di diversi server virtuali, presenti all'interno di ogni singola macchina fisica, permette di sfruttare l'hardware al meglio delle sue potenzialità e avere singoli server indipendenti che possono essere copiati o spostati velocemente in caso di guasti e malfunzionamenti.

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