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RIOS main Products

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Liferay Portal

Positioned by Gartner in the Leaders Magic Quadrant, is an Open Source enterprise content management collaboration software platform, ready- to-use for creating enterprise intranet and extranet portals.


Pentaho is a business intelligence platform, it provides comprehensive reporting, OLAP analysis, dashboards, data integration and data mining. It has powerful ability to extract, transform and load (ETL) and it is composed of a set of tools that allows to transfer and manipulate data from various sources, typically DBMS and files in various formats.


Zimbra Collaboration Suite is the world's most popular open source email and collaboration system. It offers all the enterprise applications functionality for mail system, including mobile sync and compatibility with major clients including Outlook, ensuring the openness and ability to integrate with other solutions.


Hi-performance and scalable document oriented database. In MongoDB data are stored in the form of JSON document-style with dynamic schemes, according to a very simple and powerful structure. Mongodb has excellent integration with popular web programming languages such as PHP.

Elastic Search

Real-time search and analyze data engine. It is flexible, powerful and distributed. Designed to meet the needs of high scalability, it offers the ability to easily move in full-text searches. With a robust set of APIs, the use of DSL query and a number of clients for popular programming languages, Elasticsearch provides one of the most advanced search solutions.


Enterprise hadoop distribution, grants open source unstructured data management. YARN is the solution core, and hortonworks delivers a multi-workload data processing platform including features for manage, integration, security and operations.


An open and flexible development environment that enables the creation of native applications for different devices and operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, HTML5 and hybrid applications.


Mobile development technology platform, built on a suite of business software for mobile app development, testing, distribution and analysis. Developed with Titanium, a software development kit for the open-source cross-platform mobile solutions.


E-learning platform that allows to create, manage and benefit from distance learning courses via the Internet or intranet; it is a content / learning management system. ADA allows personalized routes, cooperation and discussion of any presented content. It is possible to create online courses directly inputting content of any kinds.

Apache Solr

It is the open source project Apache Lucene research platform. Its main feature is the presence of full text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering, integration with databases, "rich" document (like word documents and pdf) management. It provides a distributed search and index replication.

Bonita Soft

Bonita BPM combines three solutions in one: an innovative process modeling environment, a workflows and business processes management powerful engine and a revolutionary user interface. With Bonita you can create processes based applications in a single day.


OpenData management system Platform. With CKAN it's possible enter, edit, archive and search Open Data. Maintained by the Open Knowledge Foundation it is used, among other things, by the Italian national OpenData portal and primarily targets central and local public administration, and all those who want to make available their OpenData.


Modular CMS written in PHP and distributed under the GNU GPL. It has received many appreciations from webmasters, designers and programmers, thanks to its modular design that allows its basic level, or "core", to provide only the essential functions in its default configuration. Additional functions and display capabilities can extend the "core" through the installation of modules and themes.


GeoNode is a leading platform to the development of spatial data infrastructures (SDI) and the catalog of geographic metadata management. It is the preferred solution for the development of geoportals INSPIRE compliant, for interoperable geographic and to publish geography open data.


Geospatial Server for the delivery of data and maps. Those data are usually published on the web using standard interfaces and formats, starting from vectorial and rasters data sources, both on file and on spatial databases. It allows the creation of interoperable services with the use of open standards OGC.


JBoss is an application server, it facilitates the development, operation and management of enterprise Java applications. It includes leading open source technologies for building, deploying and hosting Java applications and enterprise services in a SOA.


Course management computing environment, based on the Constructionist ideology according to which each learning would be facilitated by the production of tangible objects. Modular and made with open source software, it allows any user group to develop customized additional features.

Open Stack

Cloud computing open source platform, encompasses several software internally, each dedicated to a specific need: computing, storage, networking. It is mainly used as a solution to create public cloud computing infrastructure, but it is a good solution to operate a private cloud within data centers.


Content Management System (CMS ) that is a multi platform content management system. Written in Python runs on Zope application server. Among the main features, the interfaces clearness, the workflow engine power, the robust security, the flexibility and scalability. With Plone is possible to build websites, intranet, extranet, collaborative portals and web applications.


Web-based Integrated Services Platform is an open source platform designed to manage remote guidance services for students, citizens and professionals. Dedicated primarily to public administrations and employment centers, allows to deliver useful information to people looking for work and training.


fra i database a grafo, è stato progettato per rappresentare, governare e utilizzare in modo naturale, flessibile e incrementale la complessità derivata da un patrimonio di informazioni strettamente interconnesse in modo non lineare. Gli elementi architetturali di Neo4j (query language, graph processing e storage system) sono tali da supportare elaborazioni con elevate performance su grandi moli di dati, tipici delle grandi organizzazioni e delle problematiche connesse con i Big Data, la BI e l'IoT.


WSO2 è la più completa suite di prodotti middleware: un prodotto open-source con oltre 500 clienti globali. Sensei è preferred partner dal Gennaio 2015 e lo ha scelto per la semplicità di integrazione offerta dalla sua struttura aperta, ma soprattutto per la sua incredibile flessibilità: WSO2 comprende oltre 25 prodotti che vanno dall' API Manager all'ESB fino al BPM, consentendo l'integrazione delle applicazioni e la semplificazione dei processi aziendali.

Web Content Display

Web Content Display

Web Content Display