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A single point of contact

Single highly qualified subject, offering services and products from the open source world

An Enterprise level solutions offer, because the economic benefits of Open Source must be coupled with the necessary guarantees and with qualified and certified support.

Nine companies among the main Italian operators, who add together experiences and resources. OS ( Open Source ) products System integrators and maintainers, with over 450 employees and offices across the country, all together to present to the market a new entity capable of offering a complete range of professional Open Source solutions.

We represents the largest international OS distributions, the highest level of Italian and European certification, with strong links to local governments, but we also work for PA, industry, utilities and in European and international projects. RIOS is organized into two entities, the Enterprise Panel and the Community Panel.


The Enterprise Panel offers a reference point in Italy for anyone wishing to enjoy the benefits of open source with the security, reliability, support and the guarantee of enterprise-class solutions. The Enterprise Panel goal is the promotion of open source solutions, services and production methods to provide the essential support to the use of the most innovative asset. This will allow our customers to take advantage of high quality solutions at a lower cost offering them the highest guarantee of integration between different products represented by the Network.

Companies belonging to the Enterprise Panel:

SMC Treviso


Meet the companies belonging to the Enterprise


The Community Panel members deserves the focus to the world of developers, online communities, innovative hi - tech events. More, the focus is on the enhancement and sharing of the source code with international communities (OS communities), which often involve customers. The companies of the Community Panel provide solutions ranging from the design and implementation of original solutions to customizing existing software or developing additional modules, from consultancy, training, maintenance, to support free software migration paths.

Companies belonging to the Community Panel:  

S2S                                    Lynx
Binario Etico                  Geobeyond
Elabor                              Red Turtle

Meet the company belonging to the Community


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