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Real time information integration
Ideal Service business evolution

Data management revolution that provides top management
with new tools of business analysis

The customer

IDEALSERVICE SOC. COOP was born in 1953 in Pasian di Prato ( UD ) as a cleaning company. Grown from fusion of many small cooperatives and companies, the Idealservice Group is one of the leading Italian and important reference for many public administrations and private companies. The 90s saw the growth of the cooperative in a merger between cooperatives and small companies, allowing Idealservice to become a multi-sectoral structured company, Idealservice can offer integrated services, such as civil and special cleaning, environmental and industrial services.

Idealservice today operates in the facility management, environment and energy areas and is one of the main Northeast industries and among the most important in Italy, change and innovation capable, leveraging on its expertise and on new competitive assets.  


Key objectives

Providing different services to a diverse type of customers, Idealservice needed to modernize its information system by focusing on a single solution capable to improve communication, visibility and collaboration between users. 

The cooperative functions as a reference point for the management of all the activities that each customer decides to outsource. The evaluation of the services offered to customers was difficult, complex and expensive in terms of time, having to obtain data from various sources. To enhance customers value and to provide the team with a timely and accurate management information, Idealservice sought a means of of data sharing and aggregation and a real time business intelligence reporting / statistics to support business

SMC and BNova were able to respond to customer providing their skills, on the enterprise portal and business intelligence respectively: two solutions that are not only integrated but able to open an effective dialogue with all other software already used in the company. 


The solution

Open Square Portal, developed on Liferay technology, has provided Idealservice a unique tool for:

  • The creation of a reserved area to share and publish information and / or utility applications for the Idealservice customers.
  • The creation of an extranet portal dedicated to improve the external communication entitled to the citizens and the public interested in the company's services. Questionnaires management and FAQ sections are native portlets to encourage the relationship between the customer and the company, to promote user loyalty.
  • The core technology at the service of customers, external consortia or municipalities, on tender setting, to develop their corporate websites.


Adopting Pentaho, Idealservice found a complete solution able to open an infinite range of possibilities in the Business Intelligence field.

Pentaho based on flexible architecture and compatible with the market leading products, provided the cooperative refined reporting capabilities, with extremely short implementation time frame. Using Pentaho BA Suite, BNova managed to deliver a complete solution, from data modeling and ETL design to get detailed report on individual orders and resources involved in the processes. Interactive dashboards, analysis and reports are parameterized according to the user logged and made available to end users on the corporate portal .

Dashboard summary, comprehensive monitoring and analysis of information on cross company data, without t,he need for technical interventions are just some of the Pentaho strengths that have led the company to achieve corporate objectives. Idealservice has now a business intelligence solution that enhances the value and service to its members.

Quantitative and qualitative benefits

The Open Square Portal, Liferay and Pentaho introduction is transforming Idealservice in a company focused on efficiency maximize, collaboration and communication. The improvements will involve all company areas, the relationship with suppliers as well as with various customers.

From the daily users point of view, they will find themselves working with a streamlined single interface in a completely standardized environment, regardless of the program in use. The issue of data management appeared sensitive.

Some key business statistics will be made available, in order to help the management to get to the point, independently and quickly in order to execute corrective actions due to the observed trends.

With a complete and up- to-date vision of all contracts in place, Idealservice will be able to quickly respond to the needs expressed by its users who have access, at any time, to dashboards synthesis navigable up to the maximum level of detail and according to different dimensions of analysis.